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6 Things to Be aware of about Towing Services

Nov 13


Have you ever considered what you would do when you were driving and your vehicle stopped in the middle of the highway? You probably hope something like this never occurs however, you must be prepared in the event of. If you find yourself stranded in the middle of the highway, your best option is to contact a towing service.

Towing companies in phoenix Az are not only reliable, but they also provide skilled aid in a variety of scenarios. Find out six things you should be aware of when it comes to towing in order to better understand these services.

1. Recognize the Purposes of Towing Services

For many reasons, towing services are required. The following are some of the main reasons motorists seek towing services

  • A collision with another vehicle has occurred.

  • The engine is overheated.

  • Failure of the transmission

  • The gas tank is depleted.

  • In the ditch, dirt, or in the snow, your vehicle is stuck.

  • A punctured tire

  • Battery jump-starting

  • If you've locked your keys inside your vehicle, towing services might be necessary.


2. Be aware of the different types of vehicles that can be towed.

If you're wondering if you can use towing services are provided for all vehicles there is a simple answer: yes. Many towing firms carry vehicle trailers, motorcycles, and all-terrain vehicles as well as passenger automobiles (ATVs).


Towing for heavy-duty jobs is also available through a number of towing companies. Garbage trucks, buses mobile homes, farm equipment semi-tractor trailers, and even tractor-trailers are just a few examples of towing that is heavy-duty. If you need a tow, it can be done regardless of the kind of vehicle that you drive.


3. Learn the distinction between a wrecker and a tow truck driver

A wrecker and a driver for a tow truck are both tow vehicles. Tow truck drivers are, however, are not permitted to perform any type of car maintenance. A wrecker, on the other hand, not only tows the vehicle but also gives repairs and maintenance on-site.


4. Learn about the different types of tow trucks.

A tow truck driver may safely tow any kind of vehicle without damaging the vehicle they are hauling with the proper tow truck.


  • Tow trucks come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

  • Hydraulic flatbeds are a form of flatbed hydraulic. It is equipped with a hydraulically controlled ramp for loading a vehicle on the flatbed.

  • An all-in-one tow vehicle. This is designed to work with heavy-duty trucks and comes with additional axles.

  • A hook and a chain. This towing technique uses a hook and chain for towing the vehicle. It is primarily used for destroyed vehicles.

  • a lift to the wheels. car is secured by the rear or front drive wheels with the appropriate equipment.

  • A wrecker or tow truck driver is always using the right tow truck. Therefore, the tow truck driver is capable of helping vehicles that are stuck in practically any circumstance, place, or weather.


5. Be aware of the cost of towing services.

Tow truck services can be priced between $75 and $125, in the majority of instances. It typically covers the hookup fee of $50 and the initial five to ten miles traveled by the driver of the tow truck while towing your vehicle. The driver of a tow truck typically will charge you $2-$4 per mile after the first five to ten miles. It could cost as high as $450 to have your vehicle taken for a 100-mile haul.


The following factors affect the price of towing services:

  • The distance between the two locations

  • Vehicle class

  • The date and time of the day

  • Contact your insurance provider for your car before making a request for a tow truck. It's possible you don't need to pay for anything if your insurance company covers towing services. Additionally, towing is covered under roadside assistance member groups.

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