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Wedding Videography Trend

Nov 13

Wedding videos provide more than just a 4-hour actual day filled with blurry images and music that is over the top. Modern videographers can capture images of your most memorable events which can be enjoyed throughout your life in the most contemporary formats that are never going to go outdated! With the plethora of portfolios to pick from, it can be difficult to select the best one competent to take on the job of creating a narrative that will be cherished for a lifetime about what happened "happily each day". This is why Valencio Visuals picked a few of the most well-known designs and techniques. Take an look at our selection and let your creative flair be an integral part of your day.

Unusual moments

It's the perfect time to share the joy with your loved ones along with your spouse, anyone else who was present to help celebrate this day. A traditional video of the wedding focuses exclusively on brides and grooms however it doesn't forget to include the families of both during the thrilling time of filming. This includes those who attend Imagine the smiles of all guests when they are given a unified look, just hours before they're getting ready to celebrate what is sure to be a memorable anniversary with their family members close to them once again.

Interview Segments, Voiceovers, and voiceovers

Voiceovers and interviews are able to be added to the video to convey emotions. This is the concept behind Kevin's brand-new collection of two videos that feature voiceovers from relatives and audio recordings of Pei Yein's brothers talking about how they grew up with their mother. The result is an emotional piece that will make you shed tears in the middle of your day!

Attractive introductions

There's no need to kick off your video by talking about the typical morning routine. Couples might want to record that they like, typically or one of the couples vows or greeting newlyweds right from the beginning! How is different about a different approach to Eric Shana and Eric's prelude that involves the two fighting over the water to capture their day before the wedding? This might be more interesting than the standard opening sequences since everyone loves the old-fashioned rivalry between siblings which can make things interesting each and every now and then.

Aerial shots

Photographs taken from the air that depict the bond between couples are usually taken by drones (a moving robot). A majority of couples prefer aerial photographs to capture intimate moments, However, Oliver Weiyen and Oliver had different ideas - they were looking to create a thrilling race sequence and the music that excited their hearts vanishes when the footage is projected into their rooms and the lights flash. The video appears as if you're waking from a nap, breakfast is waiting at your bedside until real day hits the scene... until you see him open cabinets in this dreamlike environment that's component of his videography for weddings services known as "Ollies".

Stop Motion Saves

The wedding videography of Oahu's bridal party pre-wedding is a joy to watch. The video starts with pictures and captions before moving straight into the action mixing stop-motion videos and films that move to create a thrilling film of them as they got closer throughout the duration. The video was brief but tasty all at the same time! A normal stop-motion save the date includes captions, photos and music. There's no conversation between them!