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Mar 21


Georgia is about to see summer. Are you ready and willing to endure the hot, humid summer days? You might also consider your air conditioner. Do you need AC repair or replacement? Don't wait till you are sweating and sitting on your couch. Make sure you take care to maintain your air conditioning system in the summer.

Take Care of Your Maintenance


You as a homeowner need to look after your home. When was the last occasion you had your air conditioner checked? They should be replaced or cleaned once every three months. This helps maintain clean air in your home. It is important to choose the correct size for the air filter you are replacing.


Spot cleaning your AC unit is a great way to keep it cool in the summer. Dirt, leaves, and grass can build up on your outside AC unit. Before you start cleaning the unit, turn off the power. Spray the outside with a hose. To get rid of any debris that might have built up inside the unit, remove the fan enclosure.


Be sure to check for vegetation growth as this can affect airflow and trap air in the unit. Take away all debris and leaves. All branches and vegetation less than 2 feet in distance should be removed.


AC Unit Issues


You need to be aware of possible signs that your AC unit is having difficulty cooling your house. Here are some signs to be aware of:

  • Bad airflow. If an area feels warmer or cooler than other parts of the room, your component may be failing. This is a warning sign that you should not ignore. Otherwise, it could lead to hot nights in your house. Get in touch with us to inspect it
  • Odd sound - This could mean that the component is broken or missing. The problem might not be addressed immediately.
  • Inefficient cooling-Does your house not feel cool enough despite your system is running? It could be time to consider a replacement or repairs.
  • Leakage or excessive humidity - It's common to see some moisture around the unit. If water pools on the floor, this could indicate a leak.
  • Unusual odors -- An odd smell could be an indication that your air filters need to be changed or cleaned. It could also be a sign that there is a wiring problem or an obstruction.
  • Temperature readings that are inaccurate - If your thermostat is reading 70 but your house feels more like 85, it is time to call a professional.



It's important to schedule regular maintenance so your air conditioner doesn’t fail. It will maximize the system's efficiency, as well as increase effectiveness and performance. It will save you money on cooling and repairs, and it will improve the air quality at your home. HVAC Service Marietta HVAC professionals are qualified to make sure that your AC continues to work through the hot summer.

HVAC Service Marietta is always there to assist you. Our technicians are available to help you 24/7, even on holidays. No need to worry because we'll make sure your home is back to normal.

Your home must be efficient and comfortable throughout the year. HVAC Service Marietta provides comprehensive air conditioning repairs.


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