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Here are four bathroom faucet finishes to consider for your bathroom

Mar 22

Here are four bathroom faucet finishes to consider for your bathroom

Bathroom finishes are an important aspect of any bathroom design. A quick change to your bathroom fixtures or a new coat can make a huge difference in the transformation of your bathroom. Knowing which finish is used for bathroom faucets is essential when you're working on your bathroom remodel project. Round Rock Home Remodeling's design team will help you plan your entire project, including the vision and finishing touches.

What is the Best Material For Faucets

As styles change over time, durability remains important. Bathroom faucets made of chrome, nickel, or brass are best. Finishes can be applied to many materials. We'll be discussing finishes in a future section.

Chrome: This is one of the most used bathroom faucet materials. Many homeowners love chrome's mirrored surface and versatility. It works well with many types of bathroom decor, and it shines in different lighting. Chrome is tough to scratch and has a high resistance to rust. It is easier to see fingerprints on chrome than on other materials.

Nickel: As a similar material to chrome, the popularity of nickel for faucets is undisputed. Nickel is slightly darker than chrome so it may look different in different lighting situations. Nickel is a well-loved material. But, it is most popular when it has a brushed surface.

brass: This material is able to give you a warm golden tone. This material is essential for bathrooms that desire a warmer look. Brass can show fingerprints and water spots more easily than brass.

Bronze: This is a material that can give you a more rustic, darker look. Oil-rubbed bronze has the most popularity. It is durable and easy for care because fingerprints, water sports, and other contaminants are not visible.

What is your favorite finish for bathroom faucets?

Bathroom faucets can be made from a variety of materials. But, the finish should also be considered. You may choose to have the faucet shiny or mirrored, or soft or muted.

Clear: This look is easy to understand. You can get a shiny, mirrored effect by polishing brass or Nickel. On a polished surface, water spots and fingerprints can be more easily visible. The versatility and dependability of polished brass and polished stainless are reasons why they are so popular.

Broiled: This coating gives the material a matte look, making it more difficult to hide fingerprints or water spots. As the name implies, the material has been given a matte look by being brushed with a wire brush. Due to the specific application, brushed finishes can vary from one manufacturer to another. If you want a brushed finish on your accessories, it is important to match them.

Oil - Rubbed: This oil-rubbed finish is common on bronze materials. It's used to create deep, rich colors and a rustic texture. Oil-rubbed finishes are easy and quick to maintain. The only problem is that oil-rubbed finishes might look different between manufacturers. This finish can make matching accessories more difficult.

Matte: this popular finishing can muffle the appearance of more aggressive materials. This allows you to have the style and reliability you want, but with a more subtle look. It is quite common to see bathroom remodeling projects in matte brass or matt black.

What is the Most Recommendation for Bathroom Faucets Finish?

Styles can change as you live in your home over the years, just like every other room. Some styles even return and become popular again. These are four options for bathroom faucets to consider when you're considering which one is best for your project.

  • Brushed Nickel, This is an option if you prefer a darker appearance than chrome but still need the same durability. This material and the finish look great when used in a variety of different settings.
  • Chrome This durable, polished material will remain a fixture in many bathrooms. Its durability, match ability with other accessories, and fixture compatibility make it a popular choice.
  • Oil rubbed bronze: Dark elements like oil rubbed bronze can make a space stand out. This material and its finishes are very popular for those who wish to truly embrace a darker ambiance.
  • Matte Copper: Versatility plays a key role in matte brass. Matte brass is often associated with brass, which has a more vintage feel but can also be used in more contemporary and eclectic designs. This material is the best combination of both finish and material.

If you don't like these popular finishes, there are plenty of other creative options that can make your space stand out. When you are creating your bathroom vision, it is crucial to have a trusted expert who can help guide you through the design process. This will ensure that you get a cohesive look that is both attractive and practical.

Family-owned and local bathroom remodelers will help you get started with your next project

Your bathroom remodeling project must have a functional, beautiful end result that can withstand time. Round Rock Home Remodeling will be there for you every step of the way. We can offer advice and answer questions. Our prices will match or exceed any price quoted by qualified contractors for the same job.


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