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Jun 21


So, you have purchased a high-quality HVAC system for your new house. A network of ducts is necessary to distribute heat and cool energy efficiency throughout your space. While it might seem easy for a novice homeowner to install HVAC conduits, the reality is that this project can be complicated. A professional HVAC contractor is required to ensure that you avoid mistakes that can delay or increase the cost of your project. By working with an HVAC professional, you will have more confidence that the HVAC system installation will be done to your satisfaction.

Columbus Airduct Cleaning, reputable heating, and air conditioning repair company share the best practices of professionals to ensure a trouble-free HVAC duct install.

Make sure you place your ducts in the right places. When designing ducts, it is crucial that the system doesn't have to travel far in order to reach its designated locations. If the ducts have to travel far to reach their designated areas, then cold spots and hot spots are more likely. It is also important to keep the ducts covered. They should be behind walls or ceilings and under the floors so that they don't get affected by extreme temperatures.

Insulation. Insulation is recommended for cases when hiding the ducts is impossible (such as HVAC ducts that run through an unconditioned basement or attic, garage, or other location), the HVAC professional should wrap them with insulation to reduce energy loss.

Take into account the size of your HVAC ducts. Another important aspect to consider when installing ducts is the proper sizing. A duct that is too small will make it more difficult for airflow to pass through. However, HVAC ducts with too much air velocity will have poor performance in cooling or heating distribution. For the best duct size selection, an HVAC expert will need a room-to-room calculation. This will allow you to calculate your home's cooling and heating loads.

You should choose the best duct material. Your HVAC professional will choose between sheet metal and fiberglass depending on your budget. Each option is different in terms of its durability and energy performance. Galvanized or aluminum is, however, extremely strong and difficult to insulate. Fiberglass is insulated. This makes it easier to cut, seal and remove. However, fiberglass is susceptible to brittle. Non-metallics such as PVC and plastic are flexible but prone to tearing. Discuss your options with your HVAC technician to help you decide.

Properly seal ducts. Bad duct insulation can lead to poor indoor air quality and substantial energy loss. HVAC experts use screws to attach duct sections and seal seams with fiberglass mesh or mastic. They will also inspect the duct for leakage to ensure that air conditioning doesn't escape through the seams.

Use fewer seams. HVAC ducts are susceptible to air leakage. The ductwork must have no seams. HVAC professionals insist on using longer single pieces and fewer connecting pieces. This greatly reduces the risk of duct seals cracking and leaking heating or cooling energy into crawl spaces and walls.

Maintain an even airflow. A healthy home environment is vital for HVAC efficiency. This can be achieved by your HVAC professional placing the right amount of supply and return registers within each room, and ensuring that the flow capacity for the return is equal to the supply.

Columbus Airduct Cleaning is aware of all these things when designing and installing HVAC ducts. If you trust us with this task, there will be no excuses. We offer unrivaled HVAC workmanship and customer-focused services that will make your experience a pleasant and rewarding one.

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