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can I claim an abandoned vehicle?

Oct 6

    Can I claim an abandoned vehicle?

Arizona law defines an "abandoned car" as a vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer that has been abandoned on public or privately owned property.

Who are eligible to file for an abandoned vehicle

A person must be able to identify and take care of any vehicle that is not in his or her possession.

  • Lost
  • Theft
  • Lawfully seized abandoned or unclaimed property


By order of a police officer, a law enforcement officer may remove a person from a public highway or property.


If the vehicle is abandoned without any written or verbal contract, the owner/operator may use the process to dispose of it.

If a vehicle is not eligible for the abandoned vehicle process


  • If a person buys a vehicle but doesn't have the necessary documentation to transfer the title, it is considered fraud.


  • A vehicle is a mobile house that measures 8'x40' or more.


  • Under a written or oral contract, a vehicle is left in a parking lot or public garage.


  • You can leave your vehicle in self-service storage.


  • The owner of a historic vehicle can store or maintain it on his private property.


Best way to claim an abandoned vehicle in Arizona



  • The old title will be void if the purchaser does not place it in his/her own name. In Ohio, the duplicate will become the only valid one. This is an expensive process that may require you to pay a fee and a title search fee. However, it is very painless.
  • The process in many states is the same, as I understand it. You may also be allowed to charge storage fees if the car is parked in a private lot. To inform the purchaser, you will need to put up a sign and send certified mail. The purchaser will have two weeks to reply and pay the storage fees.


  • If they don't, you can file an abandoned vehicle title in Ohio. This involves the police inspecting the vehicle and filing an affidavit. The fee will be based on the vehicle's market value less any necessary repairs.