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How can I get a title for an abandoned vehicle?

Oct 6


You may need to get the vehicle's title if you find an abandoned vehicle on your land. This will allow you to legally repurpose it. It can be complicated to obtain the title for an abandoned vehicle. The process varies by state. Be aware of your rights and be ready for any fees, legal disputes, or setbacks. 

The Council will issue notifications to the registered owner if the vehicle is suspected of being abandoned. The Council may also attach a notice to your vehicle. Call Abandoned Vehicle Removal Company to get rid of the abandoned vehicle on your property...

Abandoned Vehicle Process

Take a look at your options regarding an abandoned vehicle.

Each state has a different process for getting a title. You should be aware of your rights regarding an abandoned vehicle in your particular state.


The vehicle will be towable and held by an automobile company if it is not located on your property. The vehicle will be considered unclaimed if the owner doesn't reclaim it within a specified time frame and the vehicle is valued less than a set fee. Each state has its own value and time frame. A vehicle marked as unclaimed will be likely to go up for auction to the highest bidder. You will be notified immediately after your bid has been accepted if the vehicle is unclaimed at an auction.


  • Before you attempt to claim a title for an abandoned vehicle, it is advisable that you contact the local authorities.


  • If the vehicle is located on your property, it can be purchased from the original owner in other states. You might be able to transfer the title to the owner.


  • To find out more about the policy in your state regarding the possibility of obtaining a title for an abandoned vehicle, visit the DMV website.

Contact the owner


  • Visit the DMV. Visit your local DMV once you have the VIN number of your car. They will help you locate the owner.
  • Most states will notify the owner by certified mail that they are trying to get their vehicle's title. Notification will also go to the sheriff of the county in which the vehicle was abandoned. Publications about the vehicle will also be published in the country it was abandoned for a few weeks.

Check to see if the vehicle can be legally purchased from the previous owner

The state may decide to sell the vehicle at an auction, as previously mentioned. To obtain the title, you will need to submit a bid. It is easier to buy the car and get the title from the previous owner.


To purchase the vehicle from its owner, you must draft a bill. This bill should include the date, your name, and vehicle year.