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Can any electric car go 500 miles?

Oct 9

EVs are quiet, have zero emissions and have quick acceleration. However, EVs have a lower driving distance than gas-powered cars. The 2022 LucidAir luxury sports sedan has more than 500 miles of range.

2022 Lucid Air is an EV that has a range of over 500 miles

The 2022 Lucid Air's estimated driving range is 520 miles. This is the most extended range for an EV production model. The range of the other LucidAir trims is lower than that of other electric cars, but they still have an impressive driving range.

Below is an estimate of the driving range for each Lucid Air trim.

  • Dream Edition Range: 520 Miles
  • Grand Touring: 516 Miles
  • Dream Edition Performance: 471 Miles
  • Driving: 406 Miles
  • Pure: 406 miles

What is the secret to Lucid Air's incredible driving range?

The challenge of increasing the range of electric vehicles is significant. However, the Lucid Air achieved a breakthrough engineering feat by exceeding the 500-mile mark. The Air's high range comes from Lucid being designed efficiently. It is estimated to get a fuel economy of up to 131 MPGe.

The Air was designed to maximize range in many aspects. The Air's "miniaturized, inhouse-designed powertrain" and "aerodynamic form that reduces drag when traveling at high speeds" are just a few features.

The Air also has fast charging capabilities. In just 20 minutes, the electric sports sedan can increase its range by 300 miles. The 2022 Lucid Air comes with three years of free, fast charging at Electrify America stations.

The 2022 Lucid Air is fast and accelerates.

The 2022 Lucid Air has a driving range of over 500 miles and delivers incredible performance. The Air's twin electric motors produce a fantastic output of 1,111 horsepower and 1,025 lb. ft of torque. The Air is fast, with a 0-60mph time of 2.6 seconds. It can also reach speeds of 173 mph.

Which electric cars offer the most extended range?

The 2022 Tesla Model S (up to 405 miles) is the most range-friendly electric car, followed by the 2022 Lucid Air (up to 358 miles). These are the 10 best EVs with the most extended estimated driving range, as detailed by Driver.

  1. 2022 LucidAir: Up to 525 miles
  2. 2022 Tesla Model S - Up to 405 Miles
  3. 2022 Tesla Model 3: Maximum 358 Miles
  4. 2022 Mercedes EQS450+ - Up to 350 Miles
  5. 2022 Tesla Model X: 348 Miles
  6. 2022 Tesla Model Y: 330 Miles
  7. 2022 GMC Hummer Electric Vehicle: 329 Miles
  8. 2022 BMW iX: 324 Miles
  9. 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning: 320 Miles
  10. 2022 Rivian R1S - Up to 316 miles

Although Tesla is the most popular electric car with the most extended driving range, it doesn't make any models that match the 2022 LucidAir's driving range. Technology is constantly improving, and the driving range of EVs will increase. Check back in the future to find out if other automakers can keep up with Lucid.