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All American Wood Works 8pc Color Pigment Set

Nov 14

The All American Wood Works8pc Pigment Set is an excellent option if you're seeking a new set. You can play around with various colors when you purchase this set that comes with two colors, clear epoxy as well as black.

What exactly is an Epoxy Pigment You may might ask?

Epoxy pigments are described as a kind of pigment that is created through the mixing of epoxy resin with an colorant. Due to their excellent pigmentation strength as well as their resistance to weather and to fading, these pigments are utilized in coatings and paints. They dry quickly, which makes the perfect choice for applications that require fast reactions, like varnish or paint.

How do epoxy pigments function?

Epoxy pigments are described as a kind of pigment made of the epoxy resin as well as colorants. They are utilized to create a variety of colors in inks, paints and various other media. It is possible to mix epoxy pigments with other substances to create new colors or alter the properties of colors already in use.

Epoxy pigments can connect to the surface on the surface they are placed. The binding creates a strong hard layer that shields the pigment from fade and discoloration with time. Epoxy pigments are flexible and can be applied to various surfaces, including plastic, wood, and even glass.

Epoxy Pigments Advantages

Epoxy pigments are a great option to add the appearance of color and variety to woodworking tasks. They are weatherproof and fade-resistant. They are also durable. Epoxy pigments offer many advantages they offer, such as:

They are easy to use and simple to use.

They are invulnerable to water, wind and other elements.

They can be applied to various surfaces, including metal, wood and even plastic.

They provide a long-lasting and attractive appearance.

If you are a woodworker looking to enhance their work epoxy pigments are a great option. They are safe and are permanent. They won't harm the project. These are only some of the many advantages that epoxy pigments offer.

They last forever The colors of epoxy are extremely durable and will stay intact even after many use.

They are waterproof. Epoxy pigments help protect your project from water damage.

They are safe The colors of epoxy are safe for dogs as well as children.

What colors do I require to complete my project?

The most crucial step to take when painting a piece is choosing the appropriate shades. We've compiled a comprehensive color guide for all of our products to assist you.

Below is a table that lists the available products together with the colors they correspond to as well as the approximate RGB equivalents:

PC Paint Colors

All American Wood Works pc Color Pigment Set

Where can I purchase vibrant epoxy pigments?

All American Wood Works' color pigment set for PC is an excellent option if you're seeking vibrant epoxy colors to give life to your work. The set comes with eight colors that is available on the internet or at most craft stores.

Each color comes with their own method of application and application method, so be sure to go through the directions prior to beginning. You'll be able create distinctive designs after you've learned the techniques to apply each color.


The All American Wood Works 8pc Color Pigment Set will provide you with a variety of premium paints which can be used for arts and crafts. You can rest assured that the paints can withstand the rigors of daily usage. They're non-toxic and water-resistant. The set includes a various colors to assist you in choosing the perfect shade for your work.

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