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Things Nobody Tells You About Remodeling Your Kitchen

Dec 5

 We discuss several essential kitchen remodeling tips in St Louis that may be overlooked by novices... and discuss some of the things that experienced remodelers might be amazed to learn. This week, we will be discussing a big project that homeowners may undertake: a kitchen remodel. There are eight points you need to think about, all the way down to the outlets.


 1. It's (extremely) costly.


 The national average cost of an entire, mid-priced kitchen remodels, as per Remodeling magazine, is around $66,000. (How much will an average "upscale" remodel cost? In some cases, this could be as high as $131,000 According to The most costly items are cabinetry and hardware (29 percent) Installation (17 percent), and appliances and ventilation (10 percent) (14 percent). Surprisingly, Remodeling says that a complete makeover won't always increase resale value; typically, home sellers only get around 60 percent of remodeling expenditure.


 It's crucial to think smarter when it comes down to kitchen remodels. You can keep the layout as it is and not need to relocate any of the major hook-ups. (See Remodeling 101: U-Shaped Kitchen, 10 examples, as well as Remodeling 101 L-Shaped Kitchen) or you can find the items yourself and create a huge improvement to your kitchen, without spending a lot.


 2. You should think about who you'll invite to dinner.


 Take a look at the old icebreaker "Who would you invite for an event?" Are you planning to host extravagant dinners for eight guests every weekend? Do you have to feed tiny children every evening? Do you prefer eating by yourself? Are you a baker or a cook? Or do prefer both? Take into consideration your preferences for cooking and who will be using your kitchen when making renovation selections, such as how many ovens you will need. Consider two ovens in case you plan to bake and cook at the same time or entertain frequently; read our guide on How to Choose Between a Range, Cooktop, and Wall Oven in the Kitchen to learn more about.


 3. Selecting your countertops can be a mix of practicality and aesthetics.


 When picking your countertops, be aware of who you want to be in your kitchen in the future. Soapstone or marble are excellent choices if you don't mind a material that needs to be maintained (and will not always look perfect). They may not be affordable if you have a limited budget. Are you eager to discover which is the best choice for you? Here are five things to think about regarding kitchen countertops.

 4. Wall-mounted faucets are the best choice.


 If you're thinking about faucets, you might be tempted to opt for the basic deck-mounted faucet and not give it a second thought. But, as Julie did in her Brooklyn Heights apartment, installing an egress-style wall-mounted faucet is an easy choice that can have a significant impact. It can make it simpler to keep the space around your sink spotless and dry. Read Remodeling 101 wall-mounted faucets are widely loved.


 5. It is possible to ruin your project by focusing on less glamorous aspects.


 Be sure to have enough ventilation. (Learn more about Ceiling Mounted Recessed Kitchen Vents). There are outlets and big-picture features such as tiling and counters. (See Where to Locate Electrical outlets in the Kitchen Edition). You don't want to cook in a lovely kitchen that's ablaze with smoke or requires you to put the mixer on the floor.


 6. You can experiment using your Ikea cabinets.


 There are many cabinet designs that you can pick from. Don't get bogged down by the variety of choices. There are just six kinds of cabinets that you need to be aware of in terms of durability and timeless aesthetics. There are numerous businesses that alter Ikea cabinets. If you are searching for something cheap but still bespoke, there are eleven custom cabinet firms.


 7. A double bowl sink is harder to wash than a single bowl sink.


 For instance, a single-bowl kitchen sink appears more stylish and is able to fit more comfortably into a small space. A double-bowl sink, in contrast, lets you divide and conquer dishes, clean vegetables off of dirty plates, and always have access to the disposal. To help you make an informed choice, you should consider the pros and cons of single-bowl sinks vs. dual-bowl kitchen sinks.



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