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Lawn care tips & tricks

Oct 9

Lawn care tips & tricks


You've worked hard for your first grass. If you know how to take care of it, your backyard will be lush and thick. This step-by-step guide will show you how to care for your lawn.


It's thrilling to care for your very first lawn. You hope to have lush turf and an enjoyable time with friends. Following this list of tips and tricks from our experts will help you to accomplish these goals.


You can test your soil to find its pH


A healthy lawn is dependent on soil. The "health" of your lawn will allow you to determine how much fertilizer and lime are needed to ensure the best growth. If you're looking for excellent results when seeding new places in springtime, the local agricultural agent or county extension will be able to provide information about soil labs and test kits.


Fix the root problem


You can turn test results into recommendations. Correct problems now; don't risk repeats. For lawns with high potential, you should use soil amendments according lab recommendations. Lime, for example restores pH balance in soil so that grasses can take on available nutrients. Start with the toughest spots and then work your way through to the rest of the lawn.


Your Region's Knowledge about Grass


It is possible to have a great lawn by learning about the best grasses in your local area. The seed you choose is dependent on where you live and how much sunlight it gets. There may also be weeds that need to be removed.


Proper Seeding



Timing is essential when planting new areas and reseeding lawns. For healthy patches of green all year, you need to consider the seasons and the right times of the year to sow seed. Make sure you don't make rookie mistakes like putting too much seed on a square foot. This will ensure that your seeds are properly sown and maximize the yield. It is important to remember that the seed company you choose will make a significant difference in your yield.


Fight Lawn Weeds


Untreated lawn weeds can quickly multiply. To kill off weeds, avoid using pre-emergent pesticides or combination fertilizers/pesticides that are meant to prevent seed germination in the soil as they will also inhibit new grass seeds from growing properly.


Water Management


The best lawn grasses are those that receive deep watering at low intervals. Regular watering with shallow levels encourages root growth that is more vulnerable to drought and other stresses. By using smart seed varieties, water conservation can be reduced while grass grows stronger and more resilient.


There are many things you should do for your lawn services every month. Pennington’s water rate calculator can help determine which tasks. Their system provides real-time information and stats that will calculate your water requirements.
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