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What Insurance Do I Need For a Limo Hire Leicester Company?

Sep 1

If you're in Leicester and looking for a Limo hire there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind. Limo hire is a very competitive market, so you should be prepared to negotiate at every turn. There are a number of different types of vehicles that are available from the major UK limo hire companies and so you should have an idea of what your ideal vehicle is before you even contact them. In fact, it may be best if you just make an appointment and drop off your requirements there rather than rushing into something like this. We'll look at what you should have on your list of requirements after you've read on.

Cover for the vehicle should be standard. You may find that you can get away without it but this isn't the norm. Even if it is a stretch limo you're considering it may still need standard cover as the majority of these vehicles are not left unoccupied in any significant way. In fact most Limo hire companies would recommend that you get a full tank of fuel as well as adequate insurance to protect your vehicle.

There are two methods of payment that are commonly accepted for limo hire. This usually depends on where you're booking the vehicle as some businesses may charge a deposit rather than an upfront fee. If you're paying by credit card then you will most likely be expected to pay this within the next month or the booking will be refunded. If you book online, it may be possible for you to arrange for a deposit to be paid in advance.

Insurance for the vehicle can also vary between limo hire companies. It may be that you've found the ideal vehicle with the perfect cover but it's only available from a specific Limo hire company. Whilst others are only just a little more high street and won't give you the cover that you may require. The best thing to do is to ask around to find out what sort of cover is provided for by different companies. You may be surprised at the range that is actually available from the right hire company.

Before leaving for your trip, ensure that the vehicle has been fully operational, safe to drive and has up to date registration and insurance. It's a good idea to check the vehicle's engine and other systems to make sure that they are functioning properly. Also check to make sure that all the windows and doors are open and are not damaged. A damaged window could prevent you from using your limousine services on a public holiday such as St Valentine's Day. A comprehensive check list of the various items is essential and can be found easily online. The beauty of this is you can have the complete insurance list which is normally required when booking the vehicle and can then tick off each individual element as required.

There are several types of cover which will be included in the limousine hire policy, these include personal accident cover. This pays for repairs to your own vehicle if it is damaged or stolen whilst being used by the limousine service. If the limousine is damaged whilst in use by other people this is also covered. Tourist insurance covers the cost of any accommodation facilities for the night that you book in the city of Leicester.

There may be times whilst the limousine is being hired when the driver must go out of the area and cannot be insured. There are Limousine Hire companies who provide travel insurance for their clients to cover these situations. Limousine hire can be extremely convenient when travelling from place to place especially if you are touring around the UK or even Europe.

All policies come with certain limits of cover such as third party fire and theft or third party only, this type of policy is normally aimed at tourists who are on their own whilst hiring a limousine and will not be using the vehicle for private purposes. There are Limo hire insurance policies available for all categories of users including private cars, vans and buses. This provides all the cover you need but at a slightly higher premium than some other insurance policies. The premiums are based on the risk of your vehicle and generally the larger and heavier the vehicle the more premium you will have to pay. What insurance do I need for a limo hire Leicester company is really dependent upon what the vehicle will be used for, this is why it is advisable to take advice from a professional insurance broker before committing yourself.

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